Invasive tree pests such as emerald ash borer, spongy moth, hemlock woolly adelgid, and laurel wilt disease can hide in firewood, so bringing firewood into Georgia from out of state can threaten the health of Georgia’s trees. As a result, Georgia’s Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, and State Parks advise residents and visitors to limit the movement of firewood.

The Georgia Forestry Commission has several recommendations for visitors and residents designed to prevent and reduce the risk of transporting forest pests on firewood:

  • If you brought firewood with you, burn all of it on-site before leaving.
  • Avoid moving firewood outside of the county where it originated.
  • When you visit Georgia’s campgrounds again, please leave your firewood at home.

Georgia’s State Parks encourage campground visitors to avoid moving firewood from another county or state since all Georgia State Parks have firewood available for purchase. Please contact state parks and other recreation facilities directly about finding local sources of firewood. For more information on Georgia’s pest and firewood movement, please contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 404-586-1140. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 23 June 2021.

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