It is against state law to bring firewood into Florida from out-of-state (with a limited exception for 50 miles from the FL border) unless the firewood has a master permit, certification of treatment, or other form of exemption.

The Florida Department of Agriculture has several additional recommendations for campers who come to enjoy the great outdoors at Florida’s parks and forests:

  • Leave firewood at home; instead, buy it at or near your destination, or gather on site when permitted.
  • Only buy firewood that is dry and has little or loose bark to reduce the chance that it contains pests. Dry firewood has added benefit of burning well.
  • If you have unused local firewood at your campsite, offer it to a fellow camper instead of taking it home.

It is against the law to transport firewood from Florida into many neighboring states due to the infestations of both the giant African land snail and red imported fire ant. Florida has a suitable habitat for many harmful pests like the spotted lanternfly, Asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, and gypsy moth, all of which kill thousands of trees nationwide each year. Buying and burning local firewood will help prevent the spread of these destructive pests and reduce their negative impact on the forest health. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 23 June 2021. 

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