Colorado Summary:

The Colorado State Forest Service and the Colorado Department of Agriculture strongly advise that firewood should be bought and used locally to prevent the spread of pests within the state, and to prevent pests from accidentally entering the state. Rocky Mountain National Park discourages campers from bringing out of state firewood into the park, and firewood is for sale at all campgrounds during the summer season. It is illegal to remove regulated items (most firewood is considered a regulated item) out of the quarantined area in Boulder County due to the discovery of emerald ash borer in late 2013. Emerald Ash Borer was found outside of the quarantined area for the first time in August 2019.  Eighteen states to the east of Colorado prohibit bringing hardwood firewood originating from Colorado into their state, to prevent the movement of thousand cankers disease. Many out-of-state visitors to Colorado live in areas under quarantine for pests such as emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and Asian longhorned beetle, and it is illegal to move any regulated items (including items such as firewood and wood chips) from quarantined zones out of those states and into Colorado. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 3 October 2019.

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