Several harmful tree-pests are of great concern in Arkansas including emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, laurel wilt, spongy moth, and thousand cankers disease – all these can spread to new areas when people transport firewood. To prevent the spread of invasive forest pests, the Forestry Division of Arkansas urges the public to burn wood near its source. Additionally, Arkansas has regulations in place to prevent the introduction of walnut twig beetle by prohibiting the entry of firewood from out of state areas known to have thousand cankers disease. Also, firewood should not be taken out of Arkansas since this risks spreading the federally regulated imported fire ant.

Campgrounds often have their own firewood policies. For example, Arkansas State Parks asks that visitors purchase firewood from the park or collect from the immediate vicinity to avoid the spread of damaging forest pests. Ozark-St. Francis and Ouachita National Forests advise firewood users to access local sources (e.g., nearby National or State Forests that offer firewood permits) when harvesting firewood for personal use. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission suggests hunters gather dead and downed branches to meet their campfire needs. Find out the firewood rules in your area and destination before traveling with firewood.

For information on pests, quarantines, or regulated items, the Arkansas State Plant Board may be contacted at: 501-225-1598 or

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 2 July 2024.

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