Arizona’s Department of Agriculture (AZDA) prohibits the entry of firewood from nut-bearing trees (pecan, walnut, hickory, butternut), as well as firewood from areas infested with emerald ash borer or federally regulated areas for other pests that may infest firewood (such as imported fire ant and spongy moth) unless the wood has been properly heat-treated and certified. Additionally, moving firewood from Arizona into several midwestern and eastern states is against their state laws, as this can spread forest pests like thousand cankers disease of walnut. As a general rule, AZDA recommends that firewood not be moved from state to state since it is a major pathway of wood boring and other pests.

Many National Forests (such as the Tonto, Apache-Sitgreaves, Kaibab, and others) as well as State lands and parks in Arizona will prohibit campfires for some or all of the year to reduce the risk of wildfire; please review and respect fire restrictions.

Open fires are prohibited at all Arizona’s National Wildlife Refuges except for Buenos Aires, Cabeza Prieta, and Kofa National Wildlife Refuges (NWR). Buenos Aires NWR allows firewood collection within the refuge for Refuge campfires only. Cabeza Prieta and Kofa NWR do not allow firewood to be collected within the refuge and encourage visitors to bring locally sourced firewood.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection also encourages campers to burn firewood where you obtain it and to avoid moving unburned firewood from one campground to another. All firewood from Mexico entering Arizona is subject to inspection at ports of entry.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 7 August 2023.

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