Alabama state authorities ask the public to adhere to the following firewood guidelines to limit the spread of harmful forest pests in Alabama:

  • Buy and use locally harvested firewood
  • If you are visiting from another state, leave your firewood at home
  • Purchase firewood at your destination or collect dead and down firewood when permitted

Campgrounds often have their own rules and restrictions on the use or movement of firewood. Alabama State Parks asks that you always buy your firewood at the park or from a vendor selling approved firewood in that area; firewood is often available for purchase at the Campground Store and with the campground host. Be sure to check the rules at your destination before traveling with firewood. When in doubt, buy it where you burn it.

In many cases, moving firewood out of Alabama and into other states is against the law, as this can spread forest pests like the federally regulated imported fire ant.

Using only local firewood helps protect Alabama’s forests from damaging invasive pests like emerald ash borer, imported fire ant, and laurel wilt disease which have caused major issues in Alabama and many other states. Alabama has suitable habitat for pests currently causing problems in nearby states such as giant African land snail, spotted lanternfly, and spongy moth. These harmful insects can easily spread to new areas when people transport firewood from one place to another.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 29 August 2023.

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