Skiing & Snowboarding

A roaring fire is at its best in winter. Whether it is an outdoor fire in the snow, or a toasty warm fireplace in the lodge, your fire should still be built with local wood. So when you head off into the mountains to ski or snowboard, make sure you buy firewood near where you will burn it.

Because skiers and snowboarders treasure their mountains, and they love to enjoy a crackling fire after a long day, Don’t Move Firewood has a longstanding friendly relationship with the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). The smart people at NSAA agree with Don’t Move Firewood; the best way for ski areas to protect the trees and forests that are an integral part of their slopes is for their guests, pass holders, and staff to always use local firewood. Sick and dead trees are bad for business, bad for the environment, and no fun. Keep the forests healthy wherever you go- buy locally, and Don’t Move Firewood.


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