Trees, Pests & People


Trees, Pests & People is the story of three kinds of trees: Walnut, Avocado, and Ash. These trees are united by the threat of invasive insects and diseases—forest pests from other countries that are killing trees across North America. For the Missouri black walnuts, the threat of thousand cankers disease looms from a distance. For Florida’s avocados, each passing day increases the chance that another tree will be found with the deadly laurel wilt fungus. And for the ash trees of Baltimore, the scourge of the emerald ash borer is already a major battle. This is the story of how these pests affect people’s everyday lives, and how we can all help to protect our trees and forests.


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Trees, Pests and People is a Hamburger Company film, produced by The Nature Conservancy’s Forest Health Protection Program with significant funding provided by USDA APHIS.

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