01/05/2010 6:25 PM
Posted by: L. Greenwood

Threatening both forest health and delicious taco toppings, the Redbay ambrosia beetle spread laurel wilt disease. Why should you care? Well, laurel wilt disease affects avocado trees, and unfortunately, the movement of firewood could soon bring this disease into North America's prime avocado growing areas.


In a recent story titled Miami-Bound Beetle Hates Your Guacamole covered by NBC Miami, this threat is clearly discussed (in a comical fashion). I'm particularly fond of these two paragraphs;


...Avocado growers and scientists locked in a race against a deadly killer stalking its way from the Carolinas through Georgia and currently found as far south as Central Florida thanks to free rides on firewood transported south. That's right -- the Redbay Ambrosia beetle is coming, threatening to destroy the county's $30 million dollar avocado business even as farmers are enjoying prices nearly 50% higher than a few years ago.

Holy guacamole! How would we top our tacos?


The firewood threat extends all the way into our tacos! So don't move firewood, and protect your guacamole before it is too late.



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