08/04/2009 3:36 PM
Posted by: L. Greenwood

August is Asian longhorned beetle awareness month! Throughout the Northeastern region of the USA, from Maine all the way down to New Jersey and Pennsylvannia, there are state, local, and federal gov't groups, as well as a few non-profits, that are working together to raise awareness of the Asian longhorned beetle.


Don't Move Firewood has been an active member of the planning group, and we are proud to say that we've already given away hundreds of DVDs, thousands of stickers and magnets, and made awesome designs for handouts, printouts, mailing slips, posters, and don't forget our sweet billboards!


This month, the Don't Move Firewood blog is going to focus mostly on ALB issues, in the spirit of ALB awareness. We will also talk about other things, of course, but  the main thrust is going to be Asian longhorned beetles.


To start with, here is Massachusett's proclamation of ALB Awareness Month! Good work to all the people in MA that made this happen, and thanks to Governor Deval Patrick for proclaiming such an important proclamation.

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